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Here's our process. We start by base prepping your skis with a course brush to enhance wax absorption and cleaning out the ski structure.


We then choose a glide wax base preparation that is ideal for the conditions and iron it into the ski base. This first application will help the following wax applications bond to the ski base for added durability; heating Glide waxes into the base also enhances durability.  After that, we scrape and brush the ski.


For more glide and durability we apply performance wax on top of that, and we iron, scrape, and brush it. To top it off for even more performance, we apply liquid wax top finishes. If conditions call for it, we also run a structure tool over the ski bases during the waxing process which can help channel moisture away from the ski reducing suction while making it faster and more efficient.

*NEW* LIQUID Wax and PERFORMANCE Wax Products:

As fluoro carbon race waxes continue to fade away in the ski industry there have been new products introduced to skiers which will enhance glide performance and durability. Liquid waxes are the most popular. These waxes can be sprayed or rubbed onto the surface as a finish layer and then Hand or Roto Brushed, leaving a very fast and durable base to ski on. Additional performance waxes include Graphite, Ceramic or Molibdenum added to the formula which can be helpful if conditions are cold and dry, warm and wet, or long distances need to be achieved.

The 4 indicators for using Performance wax are as follows:

  1. Wet snow - The snow is sticky, and we need to cut that stickiness.

  2. High Humidity - The snow is moist, and we need to repel that moisture.

  3. Dirty Snow - a variety of liquid and hard waxes do a good job of keeping your skis clean, not just from natural dirt, but from the stuff littering the feed stations.

  4. The Need for Durability - Any event over 40k. 



Wax Prices

Basic Wax


Base Performance 




High Performance


All skis must be brought to us by 6 PM the Wednesday before the American Birkebeiner

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