Here's our process. We start by base prepping your skis with a copper brush to enhance wax absorption. We then choose a temperature specific low fluoro wax, and iron it in four times; heating the ski multiple times enhances durability. After that, we scrape and brush the ski. For more glide and durability, we apply high fluoro wax on top of that, and we iron, scrape, and brush it. To top it off, for even more performance, we apply pure fluoro, scrape, and brush more.

What are we talking about when referring to fluoros? We’re talking about fluorocarbon additives. Fluorocarbons are hydrocarbons that have had all or most of the hydrogen atoms replaced with fluorine atoms. Fluorine is very hydrophobic, meaning that it repels water very well. Fluorocarbons give increased glide in moist and wet snow conditions by reducing the attraction between water and the base.

When do I need fluoro wax?  When will I benefit from it?


The 4 indicators for using fluoros are as follows:

  1. Wet snow - The snow is sticky, and we need to cut that stickiness.

  2. High Humidity - The snow is moist, and we need to repel that moisture.

  3. Dirty Snow - Fluoros do a good job of keeping your skis clean, not just from natural dirt, but from the stuff littering the feed stations.

  4. The Need for Durability - Any event over 40k. 




Standard Wax


Low Fluoro


High Fluoro


Pure Fluoro


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All skis must be brought to us by 6 PM the Wednesday before the Birkebeiner