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Nate is co-owner of Spring Street Sports, a title which was a life long goal of his. He has been working at Spring Street Sports for over 23 years. Nate got a job at Spring Street Sports while coming in to borrow tools for his BMX bike. His first role was during high school building and working on bikes.


He graduated from CVTC with an associate degree in marketing along with a certificate in business. His interest in the outdoors and bike industry, plus two decades of experience, have placed him in a crucial role at the shop. As he now helps to manage all shop duties.  


He enjoys spending time with his family and dog outdoors, including mountain biking, camping, and snowboarding. He feels at home in the north woods, where you can find him grilling and enjoying a craft beer.

Jon LaVelle


Jon is the newest member of the Spring Street Sports Team. With over 9 Years of experience working in bike shops, Jon is no stranger to the back shop mechanic work or the sales floor.


Beyond his shop experience, Jon has been riding and racing bikes competitively since the age of sixteen.  With a passion for mountain biking, he has been involved with coaching the local NICA teams, volunteering for trail work, and supporting local trails as a member of area advocacy groups.


Outside of the bike world, Jon has a wife (Mindee) and four daughters. He enjoys racing his vintage car throughout the Mid-West. He also has spent years chasing the snow playing on his snowboard.


He is excited to be back in the industry and looks forward to working with customers to create a better riding experience.



Dave has been co-owner of Spring Street Sports since 1987. He has worked in the bicycle and ski industry since he was a teenager. Dave commutes to work by E-bike. It is one of his favorite growing categories in the store.


Having lived in the Chippewa Valley for over 30 years, Dave likes to support community events and local fundraisers.  Dave is also a "Family Man" when it comes to his wife Tracy and their kids.


When Dave isn't working, he enjoys hanging out with his family, listening to Dan Patrick, and watching the Wisconsin Badgers.



Eric grew up in the Wausau area, working at a bike/ski shop when he was younger. Having worked at Spring Street Sports for over ten years, he's a jack of all trades, fixing a little bit of everything on bikes, skis, and even computers.  Moreover, he is our "go-to" employee for downhill ski tuning and services.


Eric has recently become interested in long-distance road rides and participates in the local century ride. During his free time, he adventures to Hayward, goes fishing, and tinkers on computers.



Bob joined SSS in 2015 after a teaching career in middle school science.  He learned to fix bikes by overhauling his own bike every winter as a teenager.  During college he worked in a bike shop. 


He has participated in road racing and WORS mountain bike racing culminating in two trips to Mountain Bike Nationals.  He is active in winter sports as well (XC and downhill skiing, snowshoeing and fat biking). 


Today he enjoys bicycle adventures in new and interesting places and helping customers have great experiences on a bicycle with repairs or a new bike!



Reid started working at Spring Street Sports at the age of 14. He currently attends school at Chippewa Falls High School. Reid enjoys racing Mountain bikes for NICA and also Downhill biking. His winter passion is snowboarding! 


Outside of work, he enjoys traveling with friends and family to try out new trails and slopes. Reid is currently training his labradoodle to become a trail dog allowing them to enjoy the trails together. 


"The best thing about working at Spring Street Sports is meeting new people and hearing about their adventures." 

Brooks Sivertson - Bio Photo.JPG


Brooks Sivertson is an adventurous young man who recently joined the team at Spring Street Sports. He has been a promising and exciting addition to the crew. He likes to joke that one day, long ago, he learned to walk; several days after that, he learned to downhill ski. Born and raised near the Twin Cities, Brooks is well-traveled and currently resides in Eau Claire, WI. 

Brooks enjoys many activities in his free time but loves anything that travels at a rapid rate. Brooks is a big fan of NASCAR and Formula One racing. Having done 10+ years in customer service, Brooks is no stranger to exceeding needs and expectations on your next visit!



Curtis is an Old English Bulldogge and has been here since he was a puppy. He loves to play keep-away with his toys, lay in the sun, and

bark at boxes.

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