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We know that correct fitting equipment is vital to your skiing fun and we understand how hard it is to keep growing kids in properly fitting equipment. So, for the past 25 years we’ve offered our Youth Trade-In-Program. Get your kids on ski equipment that fits and grows with them!

How it works


  • You buy into our pool of equipment with a purchase of a new XC package.

  • We maintain a pool of equipment for trading into.

  • As your child grows and needs bigger sizes, come in and exchange it for the proper sizes.

  • It’s like having your own closet full of ski equipment that always fits!


The new package starts at $330 and includes Salomon waxless skis, boots, bindings, and poles, mounted, waxed, and ready for snow!



What happens when my kid needs adult size stuff?


No worries, as your child grows and requires adult sized equipment, a minimal up-charge moves you along into adult sized stuff.


What is “adult” size?


Generally, size 5 in shoes, and 90-100 pounds for skis.


When can we trade up?       


Kids grow fast, so, whenever you want!


What happens when my kid is done growing?


Their correct fitting adult setup is theirs to keep.


Does this mean I never have to buy ski equipment again?


Yes. And potentially no. If you lose it, or abuse it, you may have to buy ski equipment again.

How do I get my kid into the program?

Stop down to our shop and we'll fit your kid to new equipment. We have all the equipment on hand.

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